Review: Piper Heidsieck Cuvée Sublime Demi-Sec NV

Piper-Heidsieck is the most popular of the 3 well-known Heidsieck Champagne houses. The House began as Heidsieck & Co in 1785 which was split into two companies by bickering descendants in 1838 – One continuing and evolving into Piper-Heidsieck, the other into Heidsieck & Monopole. A third house: Charles Heidsieck, came to be in 1851 …

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Review: Forget-Chemin Héritage Brut NV

Forget-Chemin is a small recoltant champagne house based in Ludes, Champagne. All 13 hectares of the houses vineyards are classified as Level 3 HVE; meaning they operate to the highest level of sustainable viticulture. The house grows all of it's own grapes used for it's wines, with vineyards across several regions in Champagne. Today we try …

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Champagne Duperrey Brut NV

Review: Champagne Duperrey Premier Cru Brut NV

Champagne Duperrey is a Marque d'acheteur champagne brand of Australian supermarket giant Woolworths, and is exclusively sold through it's Dan Murphy and BWS chains. How does this work? Woolworths owns the brand label "Duperrey" - which is a homage to adventurer Louis Isidore Duperrey who circumnavigated the globe in his ship La Coquille. This brand is attached …

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Review: Cattier Brut Vintage 2008

Chigny-Les-Roses is a small village located 16km’s south of Reims, Champagne. Despite its size, Chigny-Les-Roses still manages to have a few notable champagne houses which includes Dumangin, Lassalle and (throwing its youngish elbows about) Cattier. Founded as a house proper in 1918 (prior to that the family were long running grape growers), the business is …

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Review: Heidsieck & Monopole Blue Top Brut NV

One of the 3 champagne houses originating from the famous Heidsieck family, Heidsieck  & Co Monopole was founded in 1785 by Henri Louis Walbaum and Auguste Heidsieck. Based out of Reims, the house is today owned by the Vranken Pommery group. Although the house's lineage is based off the famed Piper-Heidsieck establishment, Monopole & Co has …

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