Review: Bichat Brut NV

Bichat is a champagne made by La Maison Du Champagne (The House of Champagne), a Negociant Manipulant (NM) house, as their own label. It is imported by Pinnacle drinks, the wine merchant of Woolworths supermarkets. They are responsible for exclusive wine supplies to the Woolworths store brands such as BWS, where this was bought.

Bichat is an interesting offering at the lower end of the cost scale for Champagne ($25 a bottle), especially being a Negociant wine. This places it in competition with Aldi’s Veuve Monsigny and Coles groups Moutard (another NM champagne).

Only available at BWS, there is very little technical information on offering regarding its composition or aging; but it is assumed to change year on year with each vintage to keep consistent, as is common. The label states that it is a blend of all 3 grape varietals allowed in Champagne production.

La Maison du Champagne typically makes low-end price point wines on consignment, and the price paid at the register is often made cheap for us due to several factors; cheaper grape stocks being used, and also a the reduction champagnes time in storage to the minimum allowed. Of course, there are rare differences – some champagnes are a labour of passion after all. With cheaper champagnes you are never quite sure what you’ll get, particularly in a viticultural region as tumultuous as Champagne.

As I’ve always said: you just can never be sure to write off wine until you try it. Just don’t be surprised when something cheap doesn’t shine…



From: Epernay, Champagne, France
Code: NM-285-048
Cost & Source: $25 a Bottle from BWS

Blend Ratio: Pinot Noir/Chardonnay/Pinot Meunier (N/A) with ? g/l dosage.
Aging: N/A
Disgorged: Unknown
Sipped: March 2019

In The Glass:

Look: A mid golden hue with big bubble streams.

Smell: Bichat has a sweet nose; lemony. Slight fungal in fragrance.

Taste: Bichat arrives with a notably citric drive to its nature, quite zesty. It it quite dry and doesn’t really show sugar. In fact; its rather inoffensive and pleasant to sip on

Soft in depth – it lacks intensity on the taste buds. It has short finish with good balance and most in the room were happy to sit on it and sip away slowly; though no-one raved about it.

A good, serviceable genuine champagne offering with good potential for canapes.


At Parties: For a cheaper champagne bowl filler it will do it you have a good canapes service. Might even overthrow local sparklers at this price.

As a Gift: The generic nature of this champagne makes it a non-event for gifting.

At Home: Easy Friday night cruiser for the informal unwind at home with your nearest and dearest as dinner is on its way.

Score & Verdict:


At $25 I feel it is decent value for the quality.

How did I drink it?:

At an informal barbecue with my work friends.

How did you drink it?:

And how did you find it? Let me know!

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