Review: Drappier Carte D’Or Brut NV

Champagne Drappier is a family owned champagne house that produces around 1.6 million bottles of champagne per year. Founded as a champagne house in 1808, it is based in Urville, Champagne.

The house prides itself on the long history of its vineyard, established by the romans almost 2000 years ago. In the early 1100’s, Saint Bernard refurbished the vineyard and constructed the cellars that are the pride of the house today.

Drappier prides itself on its Pinot Noir, and the vineyards around Urville are touted as some of the best to grow this varietal, given the richness of limestone. Drappier’s growing practices are also certified-organic.

The house also avoids using pumps in it wine making processes to reduce the chance of oxidation.

So, given all of this complexity and attention to detail, how will its entry level Carte D’Or, bought for an absolute bargain at $38 Australian ($40 in New Zealand), fare?

Let’s have a look.

Drappier Carte D’Or Brut NV


From: Urville, Champagne, France

Code: NM-181-001

Cost & Source: ~$40 a bottle on sale, available from New World (New Zealand)

Blend Ratio (%): Pinot Noir/Chardonnay/Pinot Meunier (75/15/10) with 7 g/l dosage.

Aging: 3 years

Disgorged: N/A

Sipped: November 2018

In the Glass:

Look: Hay bale straw mid gold. Great bubble streams.

Smell: Quite a sweet scented wine, with a hint of wet dough and toasted honey.

Taste: Great introduction on the first sip; honeyed and sweet, with the tartness of a fresh ripe nectarine in balance with soft lemon. Notes of elderflower.

It is very well balanced, with a decent intensity to the flavour. It never burns or sits wrong on any part of the tongue, and it’s tastes pretty good! A very refreshing drink!

Sits on the taste buds for a medium length of time.


Party Potential: If I could buy a case to use at a party, I would. Great value and great quality.

As a Gift: As far as I could see, all bottles came boxed with nice yellow ribbon labels; they make a good impromptu gift.

At Home: For the price, its a great drink to use at home for special nights in.

Score & Verdict:


At around $40 I feel it is great value for the quality.

How did I drink it?

As a pre-taco and movie night in with my buddies in Auckland 🙂

How did you drink it?

And how did you find it? Let me know!

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