Review: Taittinger Brut Reserve NV

Taittinger is the one of the most significant family owned houses in all of Champagne, and one of great fame. Based in Reims, it was originally founded by Jacque Fourneaux in 1734. After World War 1, Pierre Taittinger, a wine merchant, bought a castle from the Fourneaux’s estate which was planted with many vines, and from this purchase Champagne Taittinger emerged.

It was one of the most well re-known family operated houses until its sale to an American body in 2005. After just one year, Pierre-Emmanuel Taittinger organised a consortium of banks and fellow family members to buy back the house and restore it to its family owned traditions.

Taittinger’s classiest wines are known as the Comtes de Champagnes vintages, and the house also offers a wide range of champagnes including its Disco-ball themed Nocturne Sec’s (sweet champagne), but its standard fare NV has itself earned quite a reputation for value as well as quality.



From: Reims, Champagne, France
Code: NM-162-001
Cost & Source: ~$55 a Bottle from most retailers

Blend Ratio: Pinot Noir/Pinot Meunier/Chardonnay (35/25/40)
Aging: 3 Years minimum
Disgorged: 2014
Sipped: Mid-October 2016

In The Glass:

Look: A nice and translucent pale golden colour, with a nice fine fizz.

Smell: Taittinger’s NV has an aroma full of yeasty and fungal notes with honey and citrus evident.

Taste: Taittinger delivers a shining performance off its foamy introduction with a nice slight honey and toast flavours. These develop into a clean and crisp fruity sensation that gives you crisp apple, traces of raspberries and lemon tartness melded with a slightly pastry tone.

It is well balanced with no overpowering dryness, and the flavour remains on the tongue for a medium to short length of time. This is a well executed champagne.


Party Potential: I think that Taittinger should be strongly considered to be swimming in the ice bucket for your next hosting. It presents great value in terms of quality if you place it head to head with other bottles of the same price. It is also a standout BYO offering – because it certainly has a well-developed reputation!

As a Gift: It would make a good present for anyone if you are looking to spend $50. It is a good quality, reputable champagne and is readily available in gift boxes.

At Home: This make great dinner party fare – great for large family events and close gatherings. This would also make fantastic fare at the Xmas table paired with the cold prawns!

Score & Verdict:

5.5/10 (2018 Score)

Previous Scores: 2016 – 8.0

At $50 I feel it is decent value for the quality.

How did I drink it?

I had some friends over for a lunch (turned also into dinner) party where we had this during entrée (starters, for you American folk).

How did you drink it?

And how did you find it? Let me know!


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3 thoughts on “Review: Taittinger Brut Reserve NV

    1. Hi Sherman! I would find your local fine wines auctioneer/seller to help you move them (in Sydney, Langtons provides this service) – if you are not wishing to enjoy them yourself!!!


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